Virtual number handles any call volume and tracks all your customer calls easily and effectively. Detailed call reports of your business calls are also available with a virtual number. A virtual number comes along with an IVR that helps you map departments and agents and allow your customers to connect with their concerned department easily.

Virtual phone number for better customer communication

Call distribution

Map several numbers at the backend of your virtual phone number. Connect calls to multiple agents to resolve call queries and help your organization to be responsive with a virtual number. Distribute your business calls to various agents as per the callers’ requirement. Set a distinct extension number behind the virtual number for your agents making it easier for customers to connect with their concerned department automatically.

Marketing ROI

Display different virtual number in all your campaigns to track and analyze which marketing channel worked best for you. Measure the success of your campaigns by viewing the call responses on each virtual number. Understand the ROI of all your campaigns by analysing the monthly and weekly reports of your call volume. Thus, improvise your marketing investment with a virtual phone number.

Key product features

  • Call tracking

    Get a single business number for your business and track all the calls on the virtual number and get a detailed analysis of your business call volume.

  • Call distribution

    Direct customer calls to multiple agents at a single point in time with virtual phone number. Handle responses easily by not missing any potential business opportunity.

  • Analytical reports

    Get detailed reports of calls coming on your virtual number. Analyse those call responses across all the regions for better marketing strategies.

  • Call recording

    Record the customer calls that you receive on your virtual number. Refer to those recordings whenever required and understand customer preferences.

  • Customer’s database

    Store the data of your callers, whenever they call on your virtual number. Use it to reach back to them to earn more business.

  • Web management

    Manage your calls real time and view the ongoing calls of your virtual number on your panel. Create and save notes of customer interaction and refer to them for future conversation.

Virtual number for easy business scalability

All your business phone numbers can be mapped at the backend of your virtual number. So, whenever a customer calls on your virtual number, the call is forwarded to any of your agent’s number mapped at the backend depending on the requirement. As your business grows, you can add more phone numbers easily at the backend of your business virtual number.