TRPS mobile app assists in easier and effective business Call Tracking. It will give you real time performance updates of your teams. It serves constant monitoring and reporting of calls irrespective of the time and geography.

Track your call communication anytime, anywhere

Call tracking

Track your business calls 24*7 to ensure that you do not miss out on any potential lead. Monitor and analyze your team’s performance on calls.View the overall call traffic and call volume of the number of calls made and received both department and user wise.

Follow ups

Build a better relationship with your callers by reaching back and connecting with them as per the scheduled time. Follow up with your callers to gain their trust and loyalty. Set reminders for the calls that you or your team has missed for better response to prospects’ calls.

Key product features

  • Team tracking

    Sync your team members with your mobile app and monitor their call accountability perfomance.

  • Analytical reports

    Get information about your business calls analysing the business call traffic. Receive daily insights of the business calls, even when you’re outside office.

  • Reminder notes

    Save notes about customer interaction. Use them to build a personalized conversation in the future.

  • Intuitive follow-ups

    Follow up with the calls that were missed. Set reminders to reach them back for better relationships.

  • Callers’ database

    Get a database of all the tracked incoming calls. Generate a database to reach back to the callers.

  • Log filter

    Segregate callers based on the call attributes. Use these segmented lists to reconnect.

Monitor team’s accountability of attending calls on the go

With the necessity of tracking business calls for grabbing potential prospects, it is important to keep a track of to what extent are your agents helping you to achieve the same. Mobile call tracking app is a solution that allows you to monitor and track your business calls that are either received or missed by your team members