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TRPS provides businesses within the insurance industry with high-quality software solutions. The onrush of information technology is creating a new set of opportunities for insurance companies to optimize business processes and achieve sustainable commercial success.

Insurance companies are in search of effective methods and tools to streamline operational processes related to underwriting, insurance policy, claims, B2B and B2C communication. The latest technological products of the IT sector help insurance businesses enhance customer and agent loyalty, facilitating cross-selling services and reducing expenses.

Below is the list of TRPS key software development services for the insurance industry:

• Custom Software Development
• Solutions for Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Business Insurance
• Business Analytics Applications
• Insurance Data Exchange Solutions

Our Benefits

Responsive Design

For over 3 years we’ve been assisting businesses in finding their place in the mobile ecosystem. As a pioneer app development company, ’ requirements in empowering and efficient mobility: > Business analysis and technology consulting
> UX/UI design
> custom app development
> Quality assurance
> maintenance

Our Benefits:


Take a step further to bring your cross-channel strategy to life with creative, personalized ways to engage customers and encourage brand loyalty.


Embrace mobile technologies for improved productivity and collaboration at the workplace, successfully handling the challenges of quality, user adoption and relevancy to job responsibilities.


Provide the necessary choice of available collaboration channels for partners to leverage your cooperation and business outcomes.

Content Manager

TRPS is a full-cycle website design and development company with a team of web developers and delivered to clients

Our expertise as a web development company we cover the following domains:

CRM: TRPS puts an emphasis on providing your business with the best solution. Its innovative development approach means that we are aimed to customize CRM solution for insurance industry and provide a range of specific functions and additional features:

Service module:

captures vital information about new and existing clients on an ongoing basis. This application determines most profitable customers and collects data about supplementary products or services that could be a good cross-sell or up sell opportunity.

Marketing automation system:

is a tool for lead generation. This solution automates all the marketing processes: strategic planning, campaign design, customer segmentation, lead generation, nurture campaigns, prospect scoring, and closed loop analytics that will help to predict the client’s behavior and thus make further campaigns more successful.

Sales force automation system:

is a “must have” software in case you want to keep up with the brisk pace of modern marketplace and boost your revenues. It is developed to enhance the sales processes by automating and streamlining repetitive tasks that a salesperson caries out: sales processing, inventory control, sales commissions, tracking of customer interactions, generating quotes, analyzing sales forecasts and performance. Instead of getting bogged down in common routine administrative activities, your team will be able to concentrate on increasing the quantity and quality of the interactions.

Professional Services Automation software (PSA):

is a best-of-breed solution that assists insurance professionals and takes care of resource management, project management, time recording, expense reporting, invoicing clients and billing. PSA enables your employees to receive the data faster and make proactive decisions.

Content Management system:

is regarded as part of personalization service applications. Any customization or recommendation to the user is rooted in the suggestive content with respect to those services and products that will meet a client’s expectations to the best advantage.

E-Mail Response Management system:

is an indispensable tool for managing e-mails that an insurance company receives in large amounts. This application diminishes the need for manual work and thus intensifies productivity, increases processing accuracy leaving no room for errors, and enables agents to provide professional services regardless of their skill level in less time. • Client Database with customers’ contact information and the services they have used sorted.
• Purchasing Data Management that gives access to the history of deals, description of existing products and sales plans on each of them what allows control all sales processes.
• Contract Accounting Management due to which all direct insuring and reinsuring contracts are available from one database and there are no difficulties in finding the necessary one.
• Contract Follow-up Management which contains accurate information on the way signed contracts are being fulfilled and whether some of them are put on hold or not.