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TRPS is here for you. Let your website speak for your product and entertain your audience. Whether it is a promotional website for a play, dance show, musical, or special event.

Professional entertainment web design & marketing: TRPS Design is a professional entertainment web design company that you can trust. For more than a decade, businesses and individuals in the entertainment industry have partnered with TRPS Design for their professional website and digital marketing plan.

Trps Services

Responsive Design

Mobile and tablet first mentality to ensure the site looks great on all devices.
• app-like experience
• 100% mobile friendly
• home-screen icon

Content Manager

We setup content management systems to manage individual classrooms and EDU programs.
• WP or other CMS platforms
• manage social media links
• Video embedding
• Gallery System
• Show off beautiful photos and videos with easy to manage photo gallery tools.
• auto thumbnail creation
• optional text captions
• easy content management

Internet Marketing

Our marketing solutions are uniquely fit to each and every client we work with, regardless of the company size, budget, or idea. Whether you're looking to do a local campaign or capture a national audience, our company is here to help. Learn more below.

Search Engine Optimization

Website optimization, micro-site creation, blogging, and link campaigns that bolster your natural rankings. SEO basically comes down to relevance and reliability. Relevance involves the website's content and how your visitors and the major search engines view your site as compared to what was searched for. Reliability involves stability, domain age, trust, and 3rd party references (in the form of links). This seo pie chart represents estimations on what is taken into consideration as it relates to a website's rank.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Google, Yahoo, and Bing ppc advertising that gets you to the top of the search results in little to no time. There are many avenues you can take when it comes to pay per click advertising. Some businesses manage it on their own. Other organizations rely on freelancers or PPC companies such as us to manage their campaigns. So with there being so many options.

Social Media Marketing

Social media management, like gathering, celebrity tweets, press releases, and other social advertising. TRPS approaches social media the same way we do everything else; from a consulting perspective. Since no two organizations are alike, no two social media marketing campaigns should be. Our social media marketing solutions can help you: » get new likes, followers, and website visitors
» increase your brand awareness
» improve fan to customer conversions
» obtain better repeat business numbers

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